Ragnarok's labyrinth

Embark on a Legendary Battle in Ragnarok's Labyrinth: Immerse Yourself in the Epic Battle Royale Adventure

The Wake classes

In The Wake, you'll find an array of incredible classes to choose from. Embrace the stealth and precision of the Assassin, command the forces of darkness as a Necromancer, unleash the fiery fury of the Fire Mage, radiate celestial energy as a Light Mage, rain down arrows with precision as an Archer, or become an unstoppable force as a mighty Warrior. Choose your path and embark on epic adventures in our thrilling game!

single player demos

Discover two exciting single-player demos in The Wake: Viking and Wizard. Take control of a fearless Viking warrior and experience the thrill of epic battles, or harness the arcane powers of a wizard and unleash devastating spells. Immerse yourself in immersive gameplay and get a taste of the incredible adventures that await. Download the demos now and embark on unforgettable journeys!